3D Printing and Custom Baseplates!

3D files for the Tundra Tracker were just released!

Some ideas that have been circulating around, please add to this thread!

  1. Stylus type Grip
  2. Mounting plate for Oculus Quest 2
  3. Tube Clamp for Rifle type mount
  4. Pistol Grip
  5. Glove Mounting Bracket
  6. Camera mounting
  7. Tilt spacer for more optimal Waist Tracking

Ooh! Definitely going to make a custom Tundra Tracker mount for LucidGloves. That’ll be a great upgrade over the current tracking for haptic gloves :smiley:


I wasn’t a huge fan of the waist strap so I made a belt clip. Probably one of the simplest things to print here but for me it was a huge step up from anything I’ve had before. It’s so light I can’t tell I’m wearing it, and it’s more stable than the belt was too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. I’m no professional modeller so I’m sure you could make something stronger or better somehow, and it’s still a work in progress.

Scad source
Printable STL


Very nice! A clip base has been something that we wanted to do since the beginning of the Kickstarter but it is even better to see a community design!

Please be sure to share pictures when you get it printed!

Definitely! Glad to have you on the forum!

Tundra Tracker and gloves are like peanut butter and chocolate.

Since it’s scad I’ll put a slightly customizable version on thingverse once I figure out how their accounts work.

Edit: It’s up. you can adjust the clip depth if you have a wider belt, the stl is using a 2mm gap which may be a bit small.


Idea i am working on, neg will fit the tracker with the screw and the right one will have 3 variations,belt,strrap and threaded. so you can twist to take the tracker off and put it on something else. for those who switch between wearing shoes and/or track straps

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using existing belt clip model from pager 86 on thingiverse to rough it in


I noticed that the CAD file didn’t come with the Shoelace base so if someone can post it that would be awesome (i just had mine break tonight during a dance event)

Unless I’m stupid and its hidden in Fusion 360

I couldn’t find a license along with the .step file provided, or on the github repo either, so I’m hoping that means we’re basically allowed to do whatever? i.e. similar to WTFPL

I want to make sure I’m re-distributing my modified versions of your files under the correct license, so a reply would be appreciated @lgbeno

I’ve just simplified the design to make it more easily 3D printable and moddable, nothing spectacular. I did a test print and maybe the screw holes should be 0.1mm bigger or so but it fits the tracker perfectly! :slight_smile:


Is there a STEP file available for the dongle housing as well?
Or could it be added?

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I made an attachment for a keymod mount myself because it seems like everyone is making various things.

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Better late than never: https://github.com/tundra-labs/tundra-tracker-docs/raw/master/docs/files/Dongle_McDongleface_v3.zip

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