Cant activate both controllers and 3 trackers at same time

After the multiple month delay, I was so happy to get my Tundra trackers today. I’m using a Valve Index with Steam VR. Steam VR however will not let me use both controllers, and all three trackers. The symbols for each tracker all show up in my little Steam VR box, but either a tracker steals my hand position (I’ve set them to left/right/waist in the settings) and becomes one of the controllers (literally trying to use my waist as a controller), or I have both working Valve Knuckle controllers, and only 2 of the 3 trackers work. HELP ME, I’m losing my cool!

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Very likely you have the trackers synced to your VR headset instead of the dongle. Start SteamVR, connect both controllers, then while the controllers are already connected pair the trackers via the SteamVR pairing interface.

Is this specific to VR chat? I do notice that the first two device that you connecto to your PC are always assumed to be the controllers.

I do think that there is a method like @PonyOfWar said to assign the tracker roles to your trackers.

In generaly, you should get into the habit of first powering on both of your controllers and only after they are connected, turn on each of your trackers.

i have the same problem with my SW7, i can’t have all the 7tracker with the controllers on
i already tried to have the controllers linked before the trackers, even pluging in the dongle afterward to no avail