Defective SW7 Dongle - Immediate Tracking Loss when more than 3 Trackers are attached

Hello, first time user here. I backed the Tundra Trackers back during the kickstarter and received my kit last week (being a UK Backer).

I currently have the following issue;

When only three trackers (of the five I own) are in play, the tracking is absolutely stellar, no problems to report. But the moment I turn on a fourth (to use as a chest tracker) the degradation is immediate and begins to affect all trackers attached to the SW7.

I have tested each tracker individually over the course of upwards of 8 hours, doing them in sets of three, and haven’t found any faults, however once a fourth comes on, the SW7 starts to give out immediately, losing tracking resolution across the board.

Furthermore, this loss in tracking resolution persists between SteamVR restarts, and whenever it occurs, the SW7 shows substantially higher temperatures than when it’s just running three of them.

I am currently in the process of checking if the issues persist across a reconnect.

Any advice on how to go about RMA’ing as a UK Backer would be appreciated, as the support portal directed me here.