Dud tracker? Tracking completely irratic, loses pairing when moving 2-3 feet away from dongle, turns itself back on whenever I turn it off

Received my early bird x3 bundle yesterday with an SW7 tracker. Two of the trackers work perfectly, absolutely love them! Unfortunately, one of the trackers had problems from the very start. The issues are:

  1. The first time I turned it on after charging, I couldn’t turn it back off. Holding the button down causes the light to go off, but as soon as I let the button go it turns back on again. I left it all night to run out of battery, but the same issue came back as soon as I recharged and tried again.

  2. The tracking is completely irratic and unusable. The tracker flies around randomly even when holding it completely still, and it constantly flickers in and out of existence.

  3. Moving it more than a few feet away from the dongle or headset causes it to lose tracking completely.

  4. The “identify this device” button doesn’t cause it to flash.

Both of the other trackers are perfect and don’t have any of the above issues. Here are the things I’ve tried:

  • Updated the firmware.
  • Discharged and recharged it.
  • Paired through my headset instead of the dongle, same issue (so the dongle isn’t the problem).
  • Multiple hard resets. This occasionally succeeds in turning the device off, but only if I hold the button for about 60 seconds. It has never succeeded in fixing the tracking.

I’m going to send a support e-mail in as well, but I figured I’d ask here in case there is an obvious fix that I’ve missed or other people are having the same issue.

As a side note: Does anybody else’s SW7 tracker get absolutely scorching hot? Mine is too hot to touch after about 30 minutes plugged in. Doesn’t affect functionality, but I wonder how it’ll hold up during heavy usage.

Thanks everyone!