Hi, I am Jason, and I am the co-founder of N7R

Thank you for clicking this post! Ha!@! I didn’t know people actually will click this.

So here’s my bio…

Name: Jason
Age: lost count, could be 20, could be 200 or anything in between
Sex: Thinking about it all the time
Location: Singapore/China (At least pre-Covid)
Job/Work: Being naughty, getting in trouble, and supporting Tundra Trackers in everyway
Likes: Anything funny or whatever I think its funny. (I laugh at stupid things)
Hobbies: DOTA2 (13000 hours), VRChat, Strip Poker, Acting in my next OSCAR nominated movie, running for President of USA, Supporting World Peace, Studying to be the next Einstein…etc…

Feel free to talk to me yah?!