Hi, i'm Tom, European / french backer :)

Heyo !
I’m Tom, a french backer :slight_smile:
I’m hyped ad f*** about getting my tundra trackers :slight_smile: for vrc and liv avatar mixed reality

Outside of vr i’m absolutely not a gamer, a lot of the time i watch video or make small tech projects ans other computer related stuff

Happily relaying all tundra news to my french friends who also backed for the trackers ! :slight_smile:
Have a great day !


Welcome to the forum Tom! Glad that you are excited and I think really interesting that you’re into VR just strictly for the vrc and liv!

How did you get started with VRC?

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Hi Tom! Just saying him and drop me a line anytime.

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Hey! yeah vrchat and liv are the 2 only apps i own that make use of the fullbody so for now that’s what i strick to, a play a bit of beatsaber too :slight_smile:

I started vrc … oh … erhhh … i would say 1 and a half yeeaarrr agoo ?!?
made a lot of friends, good one and bad ones … but meh ! :slight_smile:

Make sure to share some of your LIV videos!

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