I got a broken tracker and i don't get support at all

I’m still waiting with a broken tundra tracker that doesn’t work the way it should be.

I contacted you guys in here, Twitter and e-mailed you guys. And yet no response at all.

I already said what’s wrong with it and made a video showing how it looks. I waited and payed for this product. And now i only got 2 working trackers and the 3rd one is unusable.

Here the video again.

I just want it replaced or fixed.
Getting pretty impatient rn

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My SW5 dongle is unusable and makes things just fly about and track horrobly and support is not responding at all to me too. getting quite impatient aswell. Sorry for not being of any help but just letting people know that it seems support is quite slow here meanwhile my hardware has been unusable for a week now since i got it.

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Its just a big disappointment tbh
First we waited long enough and now we gotta wait even more months?

Just sad to experience

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Yours sound like a USB port issue. A few things:

  1. Which type of USB port are you plugging your SW dongles into?
  2. If it is USB 3 port, please use the EXTENSION cable that’s included. You will encounter less drift.
  3. If it is a USB 2 port, check for potential conflicts. Go and confirm it inside your device manager.
  4. If there are no conflicts in your USB2/3 and you’ve already done the above, are you placing your dongle in a place that is full of METAL? Like metal that can cause radio interference? Radio interfereence will cause things to fly about.
    5… Lastly, if all the things above doesn’t work, I think you probably have bad positioning/placement of basestations. If you want to troubleshoot, its better if you can provide a detailed video on your room setup, with the video showing the placement of the dongle, how the trackers are used and also the placement of basestations.
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  1. i plugged them in almost every port there is. i tried usb 2.0 and usb 3.0. no difference
  2. i tried it with the extension cable and without. no difference
  3. i checked if anything interferes but nothing like that. still no difference
  4. its not placed on any metal at all.
  5. my basestation are placed well, just like steam recommends it.
    i tried it even with a 3rd basestation from a friend and still isseu is still there and nothing changed. still behaves the same. and my dongle is also perfectly visible directly to me since my pc is on me desk on chest height.

i also already have covered every reflective surface in my room

yet nothing changed one bit.
and aslo , as you can see in the video, my controllers and both my tundra tracker on my feet are perfectly working without anything

so sad to say its the tracker itself

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I have switched around ports and its placed in the exact same spot as i have my normal vive dongles. There is littuarly no way my base stations can magically just start tracking worse just because of the placement or lighthouse placement since i can in the same session, just swap between my SW5 and vive dongles and instantly see the issue of horrible tracking and not being able to pair a fifth item. A friend of mine has the exact same motherboard i got and is using his SW7 with 7 tundras paired perfectly fine.

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Nambo, are you in EU or USA?

I think kinda obvious it is a tracker issue.

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I am in EU. I am 100% certain its not a tracker issue since i can use the trackers completely without a problem with normal vive dongles. Even pairing vive 2.0 trackers to the SW5 makes them drift. There is no way its my tundras that are the problem it is the dongle. Im not sure how more obvious i can make it. Also not being able to correctly pair the 5th item, no matter what tracked item it is, it refuses to work correctly and some items will appear as paired but dont track or show up on the steamvr menu. This issue is non existant when paired to vive dongles.

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Here’s what I want you to do, I’ve flagged this with UnboundVR, and now I would like you to write in to UnboundVR. As I had posted in the other thread, here’s what I want you to do as below, to EXCHANGE the SW DONGLE. Thanks.

If you are in the EU, please follow @Tundra_Labs_EU on Twitter. Your official RMA channel will be handled by UnboundVR.

Tundra Labs USA, N7R China will not be handling the ticket directly for EU.
Customers in EU/UK who are experiencing issues with can contact UnboundVR via email: service@unboundvr.eu

Customers should include:

  1. Backer Number/Invoice number
  2. Their name and address (For verification)
  3. their issue and any steps they’ve already taken to troubleshoot with N7R-Jason as it will help UnboundVR pick it up as soon as possible.
    4… Some photos or videos in the email will be helpful too.
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Alright, i sent a ticket to them. Thanks!. i Have been waiting for over a week for a response from the tundra support but i didnt know i was supposed to contact unbound for this issue.

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Where do I find my invoice number again? Can’t seem to find it.

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Hi Canloo,

Inside The email that UnboundVR sent to you? It should be there!

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Okay. Tomorrow it has been 2 weeks since i sent the first support ticket to tundra without a single response. and i still havent gotten a response for 5 days from unbound and the second mail i sent to your tundra mail its been over a week now. this is actually getting really annoying and it feels like im left completely in the dust with a defective unit. This is unacceptable support! I also sent unbound a support mail over a month ago about a shipping issue and i liturally never got a response and i wouldnt be suprised if im not getting a response this time either. Who do i turn to??? i paid for this and i cant use it casue im refused any support! please help me out here!

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I’m having the same exact problem, one of my trackers has decided to stop connecting to my computer at all and despite reaching out on their website and support email I can’t get any communication back from tundra

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Hi Everyone,

Just to put some comments on the support response time, we’re working in it. The wait times are longer than we want but please understand too that we’re not a big company. The same people who provide support are the people who tape your box shut, source the parts from the factory, manage the factory, etc.

We’re under water right now. I know patience is thin right now and get the frustration. Sorry.


Hey Luke! Thank you for giving us a comment on the support response time. For a little while I was worried that my support email wasn’t making it to Tundra, but this clears out any concern of that.

I’m glad to hear you’re working through the emails, and I’m sure we’ll all receive follow up emails soon.

anyone gotten support from unboundVR yet?

i wrote my email to unboundvr a whole week ago (almost 8 days now) and have NOT gotten any email back at all.

We appreciate the communication, I’d personally recommend you set up an auto-response message to your support email line with a similar message. It’s frustrating to send an email to a support line and get zero response.

Hi Cazzie,

Did you receive a response by now? If not please give me the ticket number you should have received via automatic reply to your initial email and I’ll see what is going wrong.


Hi, sorry for the late reply.
No i have not received any response yet, my ticket number is as follows: Ticket 32299