Known Bug #2: Able to pair, not able to track. Tracker icon is flashing in SteamVR

Date: Nov 21, 2021
Problem/Known Bug:
Users have reported that they are able to pair Tundra Tracker and the LED status shows it being normal and steady green. In the VR system, they are able to see the other trackers being tracked. Even directly waving in front of the Tracker is not able to solve the problem.

Firmware to be pushed via SteamVR soon. Alternatively, please contact @lgbeno or @jasonleong to ask for manual resolution.


I am having this exact issue. how do I get a hold of @Igbeno or @jasonleong to get a manual resolution?
Via Email?

May I add here I’m getting this same issue. It has only happened after things were working fine for a week. One tracker works fine for 2 minutes but then loses all presence within VR. Still green light.

I also can’t see how to message anyone directly. @lgbeno @jasonleong

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I’m experiencing the same issue as well, I had messaged them a few months ago but no response yet. Getting a little discouraged

@lgbeno or @jasonleong I just set up my SW5 kit from the kickstarter and I think I’m having this issue. I can get 4 trackers bound and working correctly but the 5th tracker will show as connected but not tracking. I got all 5 working at one point but then I lost one vive wand.

Windows 10 Pro (Version 10.0.19044 Build 19044)
Steam VR beta 1.21.12
All Trackers updated on 03/18/22

I’m here I’m here.
I’m just getting back on this forum as I’ve been busy producing Tundra Tracker and investigating issues.
For all of you peeps that have some problems with this, please kindly send an email to :

When you write in, please include the following:

  1. When did you get your trackers?
  2. What did you buy from Tundra? (SW3/5/7) (How many trackers?)
  3. Which country that you’re in?
  4. What is your PC setup? (Processor, Motherboard, Memory, Windows Version)
  5. What is your VR setup? (HMD, SteamVR Version, Controllers, Gen 1 or 2 basestations)
  6. Brief description of your problems/issues

We will try to troubleshoot a little bit usually!