Known Issue #1: Incompatibility Issue with Pimax PiTool

Users have reported problems with pairing and then tracking on Pimax HMDs and PiTool.
You will need to close PiTool to pair it on SteamVR and it might not actually tracking after your turn on PiTool.

This is a known issue and we have contacted Pimax and asked their engineers to recognize our SW3/5/7 dongles + Trackers. We believe that this will be fixed with an upcoming update of Pimax’s PiTool.

If you have more questions, please leave a message or chat me. Thanks!

Is there any eta for when this update will come out?

After all this time waiting, I don’t want to finally get my trackers and have to throw them in a corner because they won’t work for an indefinite amount of time.

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I’ve officially talked to Pimax over WECHAT and I’ve gotten them to start on a fix…
Afaik, work is being done on it now. I don’t really have an estimate on how fast they work, but I guess as a Pimax user, you can email their support!

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Just a short update for anyone following this thread. I’ve been in communication with someone over at Pimax. It looks like the PiTool update that fixes this issue is due to release sometime before Christmas ^~^

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Contact Calvin on the Pimax Discord server for a beta release of this update. They need users with the Tundras to test it out. I don’t have mine yet, so unsure if it works.

Hey there, I’ve been using the v274
Beta of Pitool, and can confirm that it works with the Tundra DongleMcDongleface Sw5 and my Early Birds as of the 24th of December.


That’s great to hear! Thanks for letting us know ^w^

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Can you individually assign them in SteamVR? I’m on 274 and have tried both the Tundra SW5 and HTC dongles, individually paired, in different USB ports, and no matter what I do I cannot assign them individually.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling both Pitool and SteamVR and both of my Tundra Trackers insist on showing up as a single unassignable entry in SteamVR > Manage Trackers.

The entries below the single entry at the top there pertain to inactive HTC Vive Trackers.

If I attempt to pair the trackers through SteamVR it never goes beyond “Initializing”.

Pulling my Vive Pro 2 out of the closet and reinstalling the respective software and the Tundra Trackers show up correctly with SW5 dongle and can be individually assigned. Unfortunately, hoping that pairing process would persist over to Pimax, when I removed the VP2 hardware and open Pitool it automatically recognizes the trackers and reassigns them as the former single entry, which looks like it does in SteamVR > Manage Trackers only now there are 4 entries beneath it.

I’ve googled ad nauseum for hours about this problem, I’ve looked into playing around with .json files but don’t even know where to start. I’ve tried removing all USB devices under SteamVR > Developer > Developer Options and the devices don’t actually remove. Worrying still is that settings remain in Pitool after uninstall (contrast and brightness settings), so unless these settings remain at the hardware level locally in the HMD I’ve a feeling that Pitool is not uninstalling completely. The last time I reinstalled 274 I searched for all Pimax files and folders and deleted them all. Problem persists, Pitool insists on assigning them as a single entry that I cannot manage through either Pitool nor SteamVR.

I’m at wits end here, I bought these trackers for Natural Locomotion as this form of movement greatly facilitates immersion in Half Life: Alyx and similar slow paced titles with realistic movement and I found the bulk and weight of the 2018 HTC Trackers uncomfortable.

NaLo cannot work as it needs the trackers individually assigned to feet:

The problem is narrowed down to Pitool. It’s absolute garbage and their customer service is non-existent, I’ve about 5 exchanges trying to explain the above and they lack the technical competence to help with this.

I’m sick of Pitool. I wish there was a way to run the 8KX without it, it’s 100% the problem here.

Any help greatly appreciated.

“New users can only have one instance of embedded media in their post”

And the rationale for this ridiculous limitation is?

Since I can’t upload relevant media in my original post above I will add them one at a time:

“If I attempt to pair the trackers through SteamVR it never goes beyond “Initializing”.”

“New users can only have one instance of embedded media in their post”

And the rationale for this ridiculous limitation is?

“NaLo cannot work as it needs the trackers individually assigned to feet:”

I can confirm that this issue is happening to me as well. It forces me to restart SteamVR whenever a tracker disconnects, per my post here. I’ve contacted someone from Pimax and they said they would talk to Jason about it. Hopefully we see this fixed in the full release of

It sounds like a similar if not identical problem, do the trackers show up like this under Manage Trackers in SteamVR?

Both trackers are in that single entry at the top, cannot be identified nor assigned. Is there a way to use Pimax hardware without Pitool?

Yea, it merges all 7 tracker roles into ‘/devices/’ for me, so there’s no way to assign each one. Probably an issue with the way PiTool pairs Tundras to SteamVR. Maybe it expects each tracker to have its own dongle, whereas here theres only one. I know before the PiTool beta that was causing tracking/pairing issues.

And no, Pimax has a specific way of communicating between PiTool and SteamVR that is similar to how WMR headsets use the WMR Portal. Its tools are what connect all the devices / headset, so there’s no way to get around that. Short of making your own PiTool, lol.

We’ll just have to wait for them to push an updated beta, or the full release.

It can’t be that Pitool expects each tracker to have their own dongle because I’ve succeeded in individually pairing the Tundra Trackers with HTC Vive dongles, one at a time, to rule that out.

It doesn’t matter if I use the SW5 Tundra dongle or individual HTC Vive dongles for each tracker, both trackers appear as a single dongle in SteamVR > Manage Trackers.

In the process of troubleshooting I used the SW5 dongle to pair both trackers with the HTC Vive Pro 2 connected to the system and then both Tundra Trackers appeared correctly under Manage Trackers and could be individually assigned. I too considered the possibility that the SW5 dongle was the culprit but this ruled that out. Unfortunately, the pairing through HTC Vive Portal did not persist over to Pimax. After disconnecting the Vive Pro 2 and reconnecting the 8KX and running Pitool Pitool basically ignored the previous assignment and reassigned them as a single entry in SteamVR > Manage Trackers.

I was under the impression that 274 was out of Beta.

Thanks for the corroboration on this matter, I’ve decided to forgo usage of the 8KX in games that I enjoy with NaLo until this is ever rectified, if ever.

Pimax, love the FOV, hate the software.

I realized how lack-luster the Pimax software is when I ran Vive’s software, while starting that software there was a sophisticated and elegant animation sequence and everything just worked correctly right out of the box and SteamVR integration is seamless, it behaves as though it’s an Index, you can assign and manage trackers natively right in SteamVR. I don’t know why Pimax is incapable of this, not sure if it’s a hardware limitation or general incompetence but I’m assuming the latter.

I too have this problem, I don’t use NaLo so I don’t worry too much about assigning my Tundra in SteamVR. I am fully aware that Pitool is not perfect, but as long as it works I could care less. but I understand your situation. Hopefully this gets fixed in future firmware and software updates. Since these trackers are still new there is room for improvement. I would like to see my battery life on my trackers on at least.

Thanks for the corroboration!


Has there been any PiTool update? Has your prblem been solved? On our end, I tested on SteamVR (without PiTool) and using Index, everything is ok… so unfortunately, it is a PiTool problem which they have to update…

So I am wondering if you are still facing the problem? Or do I have to up the pressure on them to fix issues?

Issue is only present for Pimax users, so I’m pretty sure it’s caused by PiTool. No updates since bringing it to their attention, unfortunately.

Still a problem, Pimax has not updated Pitool. I still cannot use the Tundra Trackers I purchased.

Pimax, can you tell the janitor who makes the firmware at Pimax about the problem so he can get to it after cleaning the break-room? Thanks.

“12KX in 2022 with super high resolution film projection technology”, LMFAO.

Maybe the janitor who makes the firmware is also the sole engineer working on the 12KX and that’s the reason this simple, already identified issue hasn’t been addressed.

Here’s the solution:

Transfer handling of pairing of all SteamVR peripherals back to SteamVR.

See: Vive Pro 2

Agreed. SteamVR should be the default channel to handle all related peripherals

I’ll go put my head on it and talk to Pimax folks again.