Leon here… my introduction title is long to meet character requirements


I’m Leon, a backer from the UK.
Very much looking forward to the trackers, especially in VRC

Outside of VR I’m primarily a Nintendo gamer, really love games like Zelda and Metroid.

I have been running my own Nintendo site for the past seven years, volunteer as a social media coordinator for a network of Nintendo communities (I have recently launched a stream team for the network too), and work on some graphics for a Metroid site.

Looking forward to hopefully being part of this community and to further expand my VR experience :slight_smile:


Welcome Leon, also congratulations on being the first brave individual to post and introduction!

I think there are a lot of Nintendo gamers out there, I pretty much grew up playing the original NES. My favorite game is still Mario 3!

I started with the N64 myself, so was super excited when Mario Party Superstars came out :smiley:

Mario party was a game I have very fond childhood memories of