My 3 trackers aren't pairing wirelessly at all

I have a feeling that it might be due to the fact that I charged them on my PC and they’ve automatically paired through USB before I had the chance to pair them wirelessly. Whenever I try to pair them wirelessly, they never enter pairing mode (the light is blue but isn’t flickering) and they automatically shut down after a few seconds.

Yes, my dongle is plugged, but it wasn’t when I charged them initially.

But you are holding the button of the tracker until it goes into pairing mode, right?

How long would that be ? I tried holding it for as long as possible (I haven’t timed it but I’d say around 30 seconds) and it never blinked.

I just tried doing it again, and after around 35 seconds, the tracker just closed on its own.

5 seconds, holding them longer is a turn off function.

Omg it worked, thank you so much!
(This wasn’t in the startup guide, so I appreciate)

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