Need Notice Category for this forum

There seems to be a need for a Notice channel that can notify the estimated time required for the support’s reply.

Currently, there is no other place to easily find announcements for all followers except Kickstarter’s Update Thread.
Perhaps many followers will send DMs, e-mails, or visit this forum countless times, and understand that the response is slow because it is a small support center, but it is not easy to see how long it takes.

I think this forum needs a fixed notice category with the estimated period required to check the followers’ inquiries. With it, followers will not rush this team, and the team’s credibility will increase further.


Estimated time to reply to email : around 7 days
Estimated time to reply to TwitterDM : around 4 days
(Update 2022.02.03 PST)

Of course, I’m still calmly waiting delivery for sw7 lol