Question about the Trackers and If they work with Oculus Headsets

So I own a 128GB Oculus Quest 2 and I Run 16GB of Ram on an EVGA GeForce GTX 970 SSC and was wondering if these trackers would work with it. I’ve never had FBT Before and would like to try me a pair of these trackers. and Where do I order them from?

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  1. These are Outside-In Tracked. You will need Vive/SteamVR Base Stations.($200/pc)

  2. You need to run the “META” Quest 2 linked to the PC with Link Cable or Wireless Link.

  3. You Need a Program called Playspace Calibrator.(This Calibrates the SteamVR Chaperone with the “META” Quest 2’s Chaperone.)

  4. MixedVR Manager Setup.

  5. Do the calibration figure-eight dance. (Be ready to do this a lot…)

  6. Enjoy upgrading to a better suited HMD later on since you already have the Base Stations.

  7. These Trackers are still being sent out to the Kickstarter Backers and once that wave is finished they will be opening up to Public Release on the main page. Just Keep an Eye Open.

Some things need clarifying:

  1. You should use alvr or virtual desktop and enable the ‘staged tracking’ option. This will make it so you should NOT have to calibrate constantly. If you do, there’s a problem with your setup. That’s not saying link doesn’t work, but constantly recalibrating gets real old, real quick XD

  2. There are some things in mixedvr manager that currently do NOT work (chaperone tweak appears to no longer work properly for example). It also assumes you are using alvr or virtual desktop and have set everything up according to my unofficial instructions. I personally find it more handy to stop room setup with an autohotkey script, and control lighthouse power with a smart plug.

  3. Set up properly, using a quest or any other PCVR HMD whether lighthouse tracked or not works just fine most of the time. Most issues end up being user-error but from time to time really odd things pop up. There are otherwise a few minor annoyances but once you have everything working well, they become pretty much unnoticeable. I own both lighthouse tracked and inside-out HMDs and most of the time I’m mixing devices and have been for over 4 years now. Swapping to tundra trackers was completely seamless.

All of that being said… it’s pretty much the same price to get all the bits to get this working in a mixed setup as it would be to start from an all lighthouse setup (especially if you don’t already have a good home network if you’re using a quest). I really only recommend it if there’s something really compelling about a non-lighthouse HMD, or you already own all the bits.

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