Red LED light on Tracker and unable to power off

Just received my trackers and followed the quickstart guide. Everything was going smooth until one of my 3 trackers was not being found by my base stations after pairing. I turned it off and tried re-pairing and it still was blinking “searching”. I then relaunched steam vr and the tracker just went solid RED on the LED. I tried holding down the button for 10-30 seconds and it just won’t turn off. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry that this is happening. Just to confirm, even after holding the power button for more than 15 seconds, the tracker is not powering off. Please send an email to and we’ll help.

Apologies, we’re a little under water processing shipments. One or two of the days next week we are going to pause shipment to address the support queue.


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Yes that is correct. Will send that e-mail out now as even 5 hours later its still red and basically just waiting for the battery to die at this point.

UPDATE I let the tracker die out and then was able plug it in and power it back on. It paired and started tracking right away. Played for about 4 hours on VRC and didn’t have any issues. So I guess my solution was to just let the battery die…

same thing here restarted steamvr and now one of my trackers is solid red

Is said tracker plugged in to charge right now?

my tracker not been plugged into anything for like 17 hrs and the led is still on when it broke i assume it was at close to 100% as well but it should have ran out after 5-7 hrs? so i assume mine is not using any power? other then to power led most likely?

Red LED usually means the battery is less than 5% while it is powered on.
If your plan is to just let it run out until it is fully depleted, you are on a good way.

it was already charged before it turned red also already tried with 3 different trackstraps plus & cable directly to a usb hub

Can you try, removing the dongle, plugging the tracker, with the red light, in into a USB charger / hub, which is not connected to a PC. Hold the button for 10 seconds, unplug the USB cable, wait 5 seconds, plug it back in and wait 5 more seconds before releasing the button?

Does it turn back to solid blue after showing yellow before releasing the button or does stay red the whole time?

its only showing red all the time also tested different cables

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Definitely a weird bug.
Apparently letting it fully deplete worked for the other guy. So I would just do that for now.
While I don’t know exactly how long it could take to deplete in that state, my guess would be about ~10h from a 90% battery charge.

im way beyond 10 hrs at this point so i dont think its using its power

It is, just not a whole lot.
As I said, I don’t know what state it is in and if it is trying to communicate or not. That can heavily affect the drainage.

i assume its not trying to communicate since its been disconnected for 17 hrs still displaying same color

Can you try the steps I said before with the dongle connected and Steam VR started as well as a USB cable connected to the PC?

still nothing only bright red color

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Hm, I would send an email to support then. You can do it via., they have a lot going on right now, so it might take a bit of time until they answer back!

works again after running out of battery which can take like 20+ hrs it seems

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Really odd. Glad it works again!