RMA on tracker that won’t charge

Please DM me. I don’t come on here often. I’d rather an email back or something anything! I’ve been waiting forever! I hate that I have these awesome trackers and they are totally useless to me because one doesn’t work. Get your shit together tundra.

Hey man,

Did you ever write to support@tundra-labs.com ?
That’s the correct place to send an email or RMA a tracker.
Most people have been doing that, you’re out of touch!

Please don’t be facetious. So far, my January ticket’s only response has been the March 6 “We’ve started working through our backlog at a higher pace a few days ago, and we’re just letting you know that we will be getting to your case as soon as possible” (then you never did, in over 2 more months). I’ve had more luck on kickstarter, where requests for information have eventually yielded a couple of terse responses from Luke.

I don’t know what you mean by facetious. I am taking the time to try and help you.
So if you are interested to get tracker RMA’ed, or if you haven’t got a response, then go ahead and re-send or re-forward whatever you’ve sent previously, I think our support queue email is cleared up and we are able to better respond. Just in case you cannot remember, it is support@tundra-labs.com

On the other hand, if you are just interested to get attention and not solve your problems, you can keep on complaining that I am facetious.