Still no tracking quality for my 1.0 base stations

So I have had my trackers for going on about a month now ( ordered 3 trackers with a SW 7 dongle) and haven’t been able to use them at all. From day one when I first turned them on one of them in particular is having major issues tracking and just flies all over my play space. When it does calm down and move back to where the track physically is it is not calibrated correctly and seems to have a major offset in steam VR. It also seems to come in and out of communication with any dongles including my original vive ones, constantly giving steamvr errors stating the tracker has lost communication.

The other two trackers have been tracking ok’ish but still has issues once rotated 90 degress or further. They start jittering noticeably and occlusion gives them major problems trying to figure out where they need to be once they come back into view of a base station. I am currently on 1.0 base station setup because i’m using the OG vive so 2.0s are not a choice at the moment. I have been trying to get support to fix these issues since they first arrived and was told there might be some known issue with 1.0s but thats about where the communication has stopped. I waited a few weeks and no updates including firmware. I tried placing another support ticket in about a week and a half ago and still getting zero responses for these problems. At this point I dont know what to do with these anymore. They are unusable in this state.


Having the exact same issue with the exact same hardware. Hoping to get a fix or at least some updates on the situation sometime soon.

Same here, 1.0 base stations with 3 trackers and sw5. Contacted support and tried following there steps for doing manual firmware update with no success and no email back.

Do you happen to have the link or directions to the manual firmware update you tried? I haven’t actually received any firmware updates since I got these things. Even steam VR keeps telling me they are up to date.

Yes, but you need two files like they sent me in the email that you need to replace in the steamvr drives folder. And like I said I tried doing it multiple times and even reinstalled steamvr but got nothing to update, and haven’t heard back from support.

Ah ok thanks anyways. Looks like we all are just stuck playing the waiting game with tundra now.

I also got the files way back then, but it was about fixing a software pairing issue, it did not change anything regarding the tracking quality sadly.
We hope to get signs of life from the support team, as this thread and the email support tickets have been left unanswered for a month now.

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Does anyone have an update? Also, is this an issue with the Oculus quest 2 headset too?

I did finally get my replacement set of tracker after nearly 2 months. The set that was sent seems to be working ok so far. The trackers being placed on my feet work really well even though its easy to occlude these things. The hip position is still a problem where its very finicky and doesnt like to stay rotated in that position (tends to just kind of wander slightly). When it comes to Quest 2 i’m not sure. I have used my vive tracker with my quest 2 multiple times with play space calibrator and had mixed results with getting the trackers to stay calibrated.

It should be noted that under the 1.0 base station, the controller of quest2 will interfere with all products based on base station positioning, but the interference degree is different.

Therefore, the tracker at the waist is always in the state of infrared interference, because it is very close to the quest2 controller.

You can try to use the index controller or other controllers based on the base station to solve the interference problem.

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Unfortunately, it is not an interference issue with the quest 2 controllers or any other kind of controller.
It seems to be only an issue with the trackers being rotated and tracked by 1.0 base stations.
I have tested them out with index controllers, vive controllers, and no controllers connected at all, and the issue persists with no changes.
After more intensive testing, it seems that the trackers will only have those tracking issues when rotated AND while having a big flat surface behind them (the side of the body for instance). If you only hold the tracker rotated with your hand in front of a base station (with nothing behind them), the tracking is fine.
Support has sadly been silent for 3 months now regarding this issue and has not replied to tickets…

I’ve arrived at a similar conclusion in my own thread.

Still no reply or acknowledgment from support in over a month. If they intend on making the tracker available for sale in april they should probably hire some more support people!

I’m not convinced that the 1.0 stations are the issue here, as they’re working fine with my 1.0s. Some people also seem to have similar issues with 2.0s so I think it’s more likely faulty trackers and/or issues with the dongle.

That is a very interesting point you are bringing, perhaps, some of us may have gotten a batch of faulty trackers that have intense tracking issues when rotated?
In the previous posts, I was also going from what the Tundra support has told me and others about 3 months ago, they specifically said that it was a basestation 1.0 issue… but who knows at this point. One of us would need to get their hand on a 2.0 base station to actually run more tests and comparisons.
What i can tell you though is that i have connected the tundra trackers to the vive dongles and same issue, thus, should mean that its not a dongle issue.

It’s not a dongle issue. Test them wired. They should still lose track of their position.

Somewhat good news, i have finally gotten a reply to my old support ticket, and they told me that they were still on the case and working on it but the reason for this issue is still unknown.
Its not much but it gives hope that it will eventually get fixed and we are not forgotten about.
Thx Tundra!

I’m am at my wits end with tundra’s. Got my full replacement set of trackers and now one of them just drains battery way faster then the other. Like 20-30% faster. I tried following instructions on previous posts to run the script from their githhub page to ensure all the trackers bootloaders and hardware ID’s are up to date and not to my surprise every one of them needed to be updated. After doing the updates OVR tool kit in steam VR only randomly recognizes my tundras. When they do show up there is a huge difference in battery drain over time with one of them. (SteamVR also reports the same battery levels). I also have now tried connecting more then just 3 devices to my SW7 dongle. At no surprise again one of the radios on the dongle does not function correctly and is very intermittent causing any tracker connected to radio number 5 to just fly all over the place. I made sure it was the SW7 dongle by going back to my original vive dongles and confirming everything tracks perfectly while connected to those. At a big loss because I just cant seem to get any properly working hardware from tundra for nearly 3 months now. I really wish I could just send these back for a refund.

Is there anyone that has both base station 1.0 and 2.0 laying around that would be willing to test out the tracking quality between the both of them?
Unfortunately, tundra support hasn’t helped in 5 months and I don’t have the means to do those tests.

About 7 months in, still nothing has changed… no sign of life from tundra
Has any of you guys managed to make the trackers work? Gotten RMA?

Last month, I got a reply to my December 2021 ticket I had opened, they said we should RMA the trackers. I replied by asking basic questions about how to return the trackers, and haven’t heard from them since…

This is taking so long it’s beyond comprehension… 7 months and counting…

I got a RMA from Unbound and the new trackers are better, though there’s still the occasional spasm/drift. I think this is as good as it gets hardware-wise; Maybe firmware improvements would mitigate these issues.