Straps stuck in shipping

Hello, it’s been 23 days since the last tracking update and the straps are still somewhere in Cincinnati.


I tried contacting USPS but I couldn’t because it says that “Inquiries are not accepted for the service purchased to mail this item”. Tundra support email is also being silent and not helpful in resolving this issue.

I ordered another package from Amazon at the same time I ordered these straps, and it was sent by UPS which arrived within a week in Russia, why did you choose USPS as the carrier for international packages if it’s so unreliable or didn’t at least upgrade their service for full support?

The worst thing is also that I ordered mediums, which are out of stock as of right now so I can’t even order another ones which really sucks.

When did you send them the email?
As of 4th feb 2022 the support response time was 2-3 weeks.

You can find the last info here:

Support Queue Status

Ah sorry, I didn’t see it. I’ll wait for 2 weeks then.

No worries!
And just from my view, when I ordered the 12V HMD supply kit from them it took about 2 ish weeks to arrive from the US to Germany.

And my order shipped on 27 of January so it’s been almost 4 weeks now :confused:

1st of Feb it arrived at the airport. For me this is always the longest period, and usually without and tracking information until I suddenly some time get a email from my local postage service.
Hope everything goes well with TL within the next weeks!

Hi @AnyByte thanks for posting. Looks like these are delivering to Moscow. To be completely honest, we don’t know what is going to happen with this given the new sanctions that are being put in place between US/Europe and Russia.

Sorry, I can refund the cost of the straps.

Thank you very much! I went to my post office with my passport to search for the package and they found it! Sorry, I should’ve gone there a week or two ago, didn’t think they wouldn’t notify me in any way that they got the package, sorry once again for causing unnecessary worries, wish you the best!

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