Support Queue Status

As mentioned in a few different places, The team here has been very bogged down. Not only with support requests but also coordinating shipping and trying to manage production through this horrible supply chain situation.

We really sincerely apologize for this.

We know that it is a less than optimal customer experience and we have higher expectations too.

With this said, we are working on ways to improve the support process. In the beginning we just have one support channel and everyone is submitting tickets. This means that there is a lot of support topics all mixed together. Everything from address changes, strap fitting issues to much deeper technical issues with trackers.

When there are technical issues, the reality is that these issues trigger investigations that can require a lot of time debugging. Sometimes it turns out that the issues can be fixed by configuration or via firmware.

This is one reason why we may wait a week or two before doing RMA on the trackers: If the solution is configuration or firmware, we would rather repair remotely.

If a hardware fix is needed or we need access to your hardware to do the debugging, this will trigger an RMA.

As of 4FEB 2022 Our support response time is 2-3 weeks. This should improve significantly in the coming weeks.