SW5 Defective dongle in EU, contacted Unbound but no response

Hi, i have gone through hell to try and get any help with my defective SW5 dongle. I have gotten some responses on here and I am 100% certain that my dongle is defective and not my trackers ect. I was told here to contact UnboundVR since i bought my bundle in EU, but their support team is non existant. I have waited for almost 2 weeks for my ticket now and they just straight up ignore me. I have sent another ticket months ago about something else and that went completely unasnwered aswell. I also have a friend who tried to use their support form but it just doesnt do anything and it feels like their support mail just goes straight into the trash or something. I have now had this unusable product for 3 weeks and i cant use what i paid for. Starting to get extremely frustrating and almost getting to the point of me taking legal action soon. Please help me out here!

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Their support lines are currently very overwhelmed, here’s a comment posted by one of the team members giving a brief explanation: I got a broken tracker and i don't get support at all - #15 by lgbeno

It’s frustrating but not a whole lot we can do about it.

well, currently tundra isnt the issue. It’s UnboundVR that is ripping me off and i don’t know where else to go other than to tundra and see if they can help me contact unbound since im getting no response from them.

Dear NamBo,

Can you please share with me the automated ticket reply stating your ticket number?
I’m pretty sure you understand that as Tundra is overwhelmed with support requests we are experiencing the same thing… Nobody is ripping you off and you are most certainly not being ignored. Sometimes we experience that an email sent to you via our ticket system does not reach you, for whatever reason we are not aware of so I am pretty sure you should have received an answer but it simply did not get delivered into your inbox.

Again, please share your ticket number and I’ll see what has happened.

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Hi, i see you have found the latest mail i tried to send, and i apprichiate that. Its been extremely frustrating the last 3 weeks. if you wanted the ticket number of the mails that i sent weeks ago, i am not really sure how to obtain the ticket number for them since the mail only has the text that i sent in the ticket but no specific number in them.

I am still in the process of my RMA and you received my dongle 2 weeks ago now. I have sent multiple emails about the reinbursments for the shipping costs and asking about where my replacement is but i am once again just getting ignored. please. I’m begging you just get my replacement done I am so tired of waiting for my broken product to get replaced :cry:

Hi NamBo,

My Apologies, sadly I was not at work the last week due to Covid. I’m currently in the process of updating everything and will get to your ticket asap. Thank you for your patience…I appreciate the experience is less than optimnal at this point and I’ll be doiung my best to resolve it as soon as humanly possible.

Hi, thats unfortunate. I’m just checking in again if you might’ve forgotten about it since I have yet to get any response on the ticket.