SW7 Connection Issues with Vive 2.0 Trackers

Essentially, I can only successfully connect 1 Vive 2.0 Tracker at a time. This single tracker works and tracks perfectly well. Any additional trackers I attempt to connect require a lot of finagling to actually get a pairing (generally requires me to plug them in via USB cables first, then put them in pairing mode, attempt to pair, then unplug). Even once paired, these additional trackers simply do not track, and SteamVR takes a while to identify them as paired. SteamVR also reports them as not being able to see the lighthouses.

The Tundra Trackers connect easily and quickly, and function well. Though I did have one seem to randomly turn off tonight; perhaps it went to sleep as I was sitting down at the time.

Referenced tweet: https://twitter.com/jasonleongtw/status/1469206717128794116?s=20

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I am also having the same problem with the 2.0 trackers and the SW7 as well

We must have a firmware issue here, will need to have a look at it

I’m happy to try running anything locally to help diagnose or test it.

I too am unable to pair Vive 2.0 trackers with SW7. I’m willing to provide help where possible as well.

I appear to be having the same issue. My tundras pair and track, but my 2.0 vive trackers won’t pair at all

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Has there been any progress? Last word was that it would take a month before being looked at due to holidays.

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SW7 won’t recognize my 2.0 either. I thought it would be as easy to unplug the Vive pucks and attempt pairing with the SW7 connected but I haven’t had any luck. I even tried to unpair all devices, but the Vive trackers will only connect to their own pucks.

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Any update on this? My tundras also pair and track but the 2.0 vives do not at all.

I haven’t mentioned this before because it was of minor importance to me compared to the tracker malfunctions, but my one Vive 2.0 tracker has never paired with my SW3 (it works fine with its own dongle). All my Tundra trackers seemed to pair properly.

Still looking for an update from Tundra on this issue.

To everyone who is having this same problem, please write to support@tundra-labs.com again! even if you had previously wrote in before, please re-forward the same email.

@LaoShanLong: I’ve passed your email on to our support, I think our guy manning the support shouild get back to you soon.

I think I might* have found a workaround. My trackers needs to be charged again, but it seems if you launch SteamVR, connect the trackers to your PC via the cable, it should connect, after connecting you should be able to remove the cable, turn on the tracker and it seems to find the SW7 and connects to it?
I don’t have any confirmations whether it actually connects to the SW7 or is just connecting to headset. I’ll try to keep this place updated when I have everything charged and I can test it with a full body setup (3 vive, 4 tundras).

So far, I’ve only managed to get 2 of my 3 vive trackers connected, one of the tracker seems to refuse to connect, while the other 2 that seems to have paired would pair instantly on powering on now. I doubt it’s a dongle issue as my tundras work fine with the dongle, so it seems it’s just a weird interaction that prevents one of my vive trackers to connect to the dongle.

If you read my original post, I’ve already mentioned that this works for making them connect. However, they do not track properly at all and don’t seem to communicate.

@jasonleong 6 days since your post and still nothing from support.