SW7 not more then 2 tracker / heat issue

I am one of those lucky owners of a faulty SW7 where it only tracks 2 devices and the third one constantly loses tracking besides the SW7 getting very hot. Already wrote the support and got a tiket number…that’s over 3 weeks ago and still no answer. It’s pretty frustrating since they weren’t that cheap and I can’t use them at all atm. Do they ever answer? How do I request a replacement otherwise?

The SW7 getting hot is normal.

Can you try disconnecting all trackers and only connect the the one that is supposedly faulty, to rule out if it is the dongle or the tracker?

I already did that. I even connected 3 vive trackers and the moment the third got paired it had the same issue that it constantly lost tracking. Everytime before I paired them I unlearned all via the tool in the lighthouse folder of steamvr.

Also they already admitted in one of their official post that SW7 has issues: Tundra Tracker March 2022 General Release – Tundra Labs

“In some uses cases, SW7 Dongles have presented issues. These come both as heat management issues as well as RF congestion.”

I know they did, just trying to be helpful. Still, the heat isn’t much of an issue as long as you don’t stuff it in somewhere and just keep it on the table.

No problem. Every help is welcome but I tried everything I already found here on the forum and the net. :slight_smile:

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Join the faulty SW7 club, been waiting on support since getting them faulty day 1 in December. Still cannot use it as it was advertised to connect 7 trackers without all sorts of disconnect/flying into space issues unless I only connect 3 or less to it. Would be nice if they helped their early backer with hardware problems who can’t even use what they bought before selling more…

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Hi SW7 Club (?),
meanwhile, Support answers you.
You could use OVR Advanced Settings for individual sub-dongle pairing. (Think as each SW has X sub-dongle equivalents to the number of supported devices. while some sub-dongles are defective (in my case, my third sub-dongle (of five) was defective but others ones perfect )

But please think of this as a workaround (for current use) but It’s not a definitive solution.
// cc: @Hoshi82
Of Course, This is not going to fix drifting issues, Interference, This is only for select good sub-dongles.

I am using OVR AS for quite some time and didn’t know it has such function.

But I don’t really understand. I only have one dongle not more. Or can I make the SW7 to an SW3 temporarly? Or every connectec tracker has it’s on space on the SW and it’s random which on they pic and one of that “place” might be faulty? Is there a tutorial or a manual for how to use that with OVR AS?

The DongleMcDongleface consists of multiple tracking modules aka. dongles and a USB Hub. You can use OVRAS to pair to these modules, so you can temporarily fix a trackers connecting to a faulty dongle.
Normally it is random to which they connect to, so finding out which the faulty one is and pairing the trackers to working ones could help you out for now.
You can find the setting by opening OVRAS → SteamVR → Device Pairing Information

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Thanks, I will try that.