(sw7) one out of 7 malfunction?


I have received my tundra tracker set of 7, and after alot of testing it seems to me one out of 7 seems to be half defective / malfunctioning. All other 6 trackers seem to work well but that one does not want to turn of when i hold down the button, and at other times it will but i literally have to hold down the button for 30 seconds for it to turn off (and even then it still turns on afterwards), where this is a few seconds with the other well-functioning trackers.
Also this one tracker sometimes randomly flashes red while fully charged, and turns itself on out of nowhere. It also doesn’t seem to charge well compared to the other trackers or , but i have yet to test this last point further.

I have updated & paired them true SteamVR.

I have spoken to UnboundVR and they told me, currently they do not have an RMA stock to replace the malfunctioning tracker, but are aware aswell as team tundra of multipule issues. And was redirected to this forum to open a topic & report the issue because they where not able to help me further.

So here i am, hoping i can be helped!

Thank you!!

Rin (⁎˃ᆺ˂)

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