SW7 RF congestion issues probably

Just adding more fuel to the fire.

I’d like to think I have a pretty unique setup. I’m currently using 7 trackers + 2 index controllers with a Quest 2. This requires 9 dongles. SW7 + 2 or 3 dongles was ideal for me.

4 of my trackers are tundra and 3 of them are vive 2.0. From what I remember I was not able to pair my vive trackers to the SW7. But, that’s fine. Index controllers paired fine.
My RF setup is as follows:

  • 3 vive trackers on 3 separate vive dongles, on a separate usb hub
  • 4 tundra trackers, and 2 index controllers paired to my SW7

I do however have an issue when more than 5 devices are active on my SW7 at a time.

I can FBT with 3 tundra trackers, and 2 index controllers fine.
I can FBT with 3 vive trackers and 2 index controllers fine.
But when I 10 point FBT with index controllers, my right index controller loses tracker very often.

If I disable my index controllers and use my quest controllers (4 trackers on SW7, 3 trackers on dongles), then that’s also a pretty solid solution, with no controllers flying off into space.

I’m not using an index, my SW7 is sitting vertically on a table in it’s own usb hub (used as as an extension than a hub).

After reading some of the stories here, I consider myself a little bit lucky to be able to pair more than 3 devices to my SW7 without issue.

I hope we can get a resolution for us SW7 owners!

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I have similar problem with index controllers. I can’t use them with SW7 and 7 tundra trackers, but Vive wands 2.0 works fine. My setup is Vive Pro Eye + Tundra 7 Pack.

I think I have found the solution. Place SW7 dongle farther away from your playspace, but still in clean line of sight. That fixed my Index controller tracking issues.