Tracker is not where it is supposed to be

x3 bundle with sw7 upgrade.

I recieved my trackers a couple of days ago, two of the trackers work perfectly but one of the trackers are about 20 centimeters away from where it is supposed to be in vr when you wear them.

This causes odd issues with movement etc, it works… its just out of position for some reason?

I suspect some calibration is wrong and that something is wrong with it software wize?

Is there something I can do or does the tracker need to be replaced?

I have three 2.0 basestations, valve index.


I have the same issue. I have bought the 7 trackers and 1 of them is like 20cm off.


same issue here! contacted support 18 hours ago, have not gotten an email back yet, i really hope i will not have to wait over a week to get my first answer to my support email … i have seen some people complaining on the kickstarter comments that support hasn’t write them back in over a week.

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Can I confirm if the rest of the trackers are working PROPERLY and there is this ONE and ONLY weird tracker that’s OFF?\

Please help us by stating your type of HMD, Basestation and also which app do you see the tracker issue in? Lastly, it would help a lot if some videos can be shared here too. Thanks!

Valve Index
four 2.0 base stations
app? all of them even steamvr

i have more information in the thread that i made here and also a video Just got my SW7 here in EU and have a question - #11 by Cazzie

Valve index
Three 2.0 basestations
As for app or program this is within all vr applications that the tracker is missaligned with where it actually is in real life. :man_shrugging:t2:

I can confirm that two of the three trackers work perfectly fine, this is only one tracker behaving this way.

I have made a photo so far:

I can only embed one photo per thread post so ill make two

I’ve also sent this to the support E-Mail.

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This is the real life view of the same thing

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Hi Cazzie,

If you are in the EU, please follow @Tundra_Labs_EU on Twitter. Your official RMA channel will be handled by UnboundVR.

Tundra Labs USA, N7R China will not be handling the ticket directly for EU.
Customers in EU/UK who are experiencing issues with can contact UnboundVR via email:

Customers should include:

  1. Backer Number/Invoice number
  2. Their name and address (For verification)
  3. their issue and any steps they’ve already taken to troubleshoot with N7R-Jason as it will help UnboundVR pick it up as soon as possible.
    4… Some photos or videos in the email will be helpful too.
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Sinni800, This is VERY VERY helpful in helping me understand. BTW, nice mousepad!
From the looks of it, I am guessing this could be some calibration issue.

I would recommend a exchange of that faulty tracker. Where are you based in? Who sent you the trackers? Was it UnboundVR or Tundra Labs or N7R?

I am based in the EU and was handled by unbound. As mentioned in your post above I have to directly go to unbound for an exchange, right?

Thanks, It’s practically a trading card game mat but it works just fine as a fun mouse pad!

Hi sinni800,

That’s correct, same as Cazzie, please send the pics that you attached and also all the information that I had put in the post above.

I’ll ping UnboundVR and let them know!


Attaching pictures of all three trackers and the one in the middle that seems to be out of place in vr.

I did send these pictures to unbound yesterday per instructions above, awaiting reply from them now since I’m in EU.



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I have been looking at this as well. Sorry is drowning and I’m also trying to dig it out…

Have you been assigning roles to these trackers inside of SteamVR?

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Yes roles are assigned in SteamVR. (Right foot, Left food and Waist)

Does the shift change based on the role that is assigned? Can you send a system report to

Sorry if you did already, like I said, we’re trying to wrap our arms around the current caseload plus keep everything else moving forward on the production/shipping side.

I just switched roles from left to right and right to left, made no difference. :frowning:

Ok, how comfortable are you with command line things?

If so:

    – Includes your index HMD, controllers, dongles, etc
    This is very important, you can cause serious problems if you do not follow this step
  2. Open windows command prompt, easiest way is to search for “CMD”
  3. Plug in only the tracker that is giving you issues to USB
  4. Use the following command to navigate to your lighthouse tools folder:
    cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\tools\lighthouse\bin\win32"
  5. Type the command lighthouse_watchman_update.exe -bw3
  6. The tracker should disconnect from USB for a moment and then reconnect with a rapid flashing red LED, this means that it is in bootloader mode
  7. Type the command lighthouse_watchman_update.exe -aw3
  8. Unplug the tracker from USB, press and hold the power button for 14 seconds to turn it off
  9. When you turn it on, it should be back to normal mode

Do this for both the shifted tracker and the ok tracker, post the results back.

I’ll return to you with results in a moment.

Upper picture is faulty tracker, lower is good one.
Same results, its off by ~20cm to where it actually is irl. :frowning: