Tracker Issues 3/5 (Offset, Requiring Cable & Extreme Jitter)

My Setup:
SW5 Dongle, 5 Tundra Trackers
Headset: Index
Basestations: 4x 2.0
Running on latest Steam Beta

Out of the 5 Trackers, 2 work absolutely flawlessly. They Track great, are on point and show little no jitter even in fast movement!

the 3rd one however is as I’ve read with many other occurrences here offset from its original position and has somewhat occasional to regular tracking issues.
However holding the tracker in-front of me and spinning myself seems to move the tracker more along one axis than it does the other. resulting in an oval movement shape in VR

4Th Tracker:
This one would work flawless if it were not for the fact that it needs to have a Cable plugged in for it to actually Track. The Tracker does not show up as tracking wherever it is until i plug a cable in and at that point it tracks absolutely flawlessly

5th Tracker:
This is the real “bad” one so to speak.
This Tracker does not want to sit still. If moved even the slightest it will fly of Jittering and slowly jitter back into its position if left untouched for a while. (While having no real knowable of how trackers work or the math behind it) it feels like as if the acceleration of the tracker is inverted to the actual movement as its flying off into the opposite direction of movement when even moved the slightest. Rotating it on the spot seems to work “somewhat” if you ignore the constant jittering

In Current Conditions only the first 2 are usable, as having a tracker move more along one axis than the other makes for some very interesting Hip movement (intended use) when turning yourself.
And in my setup its sadly just not feasible to plug in the 4th tracker while using it. The Last one is a roller-coaster of a Tracker and thus far i have found no way to stabilize it in the slightest.