Tracker Losing battery 30% faster then other trackers?

After running the script on all three trackers, it seems the battery indicators are mostly in line, and all last longer than my Index controllers. I think this has resolved my issue, but will reach back out of something else occurs. Thanks!

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Hurray! Glad to hear, we are close to rolling this out as a known fix. Happy to have this one (almost) in the rearview mirror!

Much credit to @Keigun for his help with the scripts, let’s give him some :clap:


My tracker is doing the same thing. I tried switching it around to other places and it’s consistently that tracker. It losing battery much much faster and also has not as good tracking.

I tried running the script but it keeps saying

Too many devices or dongle connected?

Please check connected devices!
Press Enter to quit…

i only have the tracker connected and my dongle is disconected

Just to be sure, do you have disconnected all SteamVR related hardware? (HMD, controllers, other trackers, dongles, maybe even Steam Controller dongle)

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Ahhh the steam controller dongle must be it thank you. I’m leaving for a few weeks today unfortunately but I’ll try it when I get back

That will be it!
To be safe all devices that have anything to do with SteamVR must be disconnected.

Hello. After last 3 weekends of great time in vrc while using my SW3, despite this draining issue, I finally made my lazy ass to look for solution and I found this thread. Just a note, my most hungry tracker is twice as hungry than other two, but still managed to outperform my index controllers so I’m supper happy with this product and even happier when I found this thread. Now my question, am I ok to just wait for regular steam update or should I use this tool?

Just wanted to swing by real quick since I’ve been super busy…

Hip tracker is always the one that drains the quickest, however, I did this update about… a week ago now?

All 3 of my trackers required a HWID update and boot loader update, however the difference is sort of night and day. After running the update tool from the github link, I’ve gotten some supremely amazing battery life, we’re talking sitting at 89% after 2 hours of play, the one I use for the hip still drains faster but all 3 now greatly exceed the battery life of my Knuckles and 2.0 Vive Wands, they’re far more stable overall and I’ve had much less in the way of issues where trackers (usually feet) are oddly offset from where they are in the real world.

There really should be something pushed out via Steam to check/update the trackers at this point, more so given that general availability started today, a problem to get ahead of and not behind again.

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Turns out I’m having a similar issue as mentioned above. 2 of my trackers match my index controller battery usage nearly perfectly while the third drains around 20-30% faster and also tracks 0.5-1" higher than the other 2 over time.

I have already successfully upgraded all three using the HWID tool, however, the problem persists for this one tracker.

Posting here for visibility but I see that in the latest Kickstarter blog post this issue may be addressed in the future. Please let me know if an RMA is necessary to fix this issue and I’ll be happy to send the required information.


had the same issue as OP. My waist tracker was losing charging 40% faster than the other two, switching them around didnt do anything either. The tracker also had worse tracking i feel like.

I did run the script mentioned in this thread and managed to update 2 of my 3 trackers without problems, the faulty waist tracker however was looping through the update Bootloader message and didnt progress at all. It just kept asking again and again if i wanted to update the Bootloader, after a lot of failed tries, i answered with (N)o and the script told me to unplug the tracker.

After that the tracker LED was flashing red rapidly the whole time.

i also did try to re-flash as mentioned in this thread and it seemed to work.
But the tracker LED now slowly flashes red and is still usable in any way. Same thing when i try to plug it into the PC or charge it, it just slowly flasshes red and seems unresponsive.

Is it completely bricked now ?

I can help you with it tomorrow around 18:00 UTC+2, just send me a PM here in the forum.

Just gonna repost this as a general note for everyone, using that tool without being told to do so is not advised.

Problem with blinking red light after unsuccessful usage of the tool resolved, if anyone happens to get the same problem DM me or directly add me on discord: Keigun#7752

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There is no change in repo since 23 Feb and cmd window said version number 1.6 for me. Is this latest version of tool?

Old message

Yes it is. So far neither me nor anyone else changed it.

Updated the script to check if the tracker fails the update, version 1.7 from April 8th 2022 will be updated soon.

So after debating about this for a while, I decided to try the script on my 3 tundra trackers.

Unplugged the USB cables on my Index HMD and controllers, as well as the Tundra Tracker Dongle.

Plugged in each tracker one by one, and ran the script.

All of them had a older HWID and needed to be updated.
Device HWID is 0xf0000109, expecting 0xf1030009 - new or 0xf0000109 - old.

They all also needed their bootloaders updated:
Device bootloader version is v1622649182, expecting v1637337510 - new.

They were all updated successfully. I ran them so far for 4 hours, and my trackers were only down to 64%, 66%, and 74% charge, compared to before, where I think they would only get down to around 30% charge. So huge improvement there. I appreciate all of the work you have done on these Trackers, I’ve been enjoying them immensely so far!


Thanks to that topic I updates my 7 trackers also some minutes ago. On all the Bootloader and Radio was outdated, now all is actual. No tests made yet, but it is sure better to have all updated anyway.


I have the same issue
I bought 3 trackers and one of them discharges around 50% faster than the rest. I tried to switch the position of it but that didn’t help.
I did try to update the trackers which improved the battery life of all of them. But that didn’t fix the general issue for me. The one with the bad battery only lasts 5 to 6 hours on average…
Is there anything else I can do?
(I use the 3 trackers with 2 2.0 base Stations)


Digging this thread back up because I have more less the same issue. Got 3 trackers 2 months ago, they all worked wonderfully, except that lately one of them lose battery far more quickly than the other ones (2 of them have 70% left after 3 hours while the 3rd one is flashing red at the end).

I tried to use the script linked in the thread but it seems that there’s no more release in the Github to try it.

Thanks in advance.