Tracker randomly turning off

Received the trackers yesterday! I let them fully charge, and then proceeded to set them up and get the firmware updated on them. Throughout about 4-5 hours of use, I noticed a few times a tracker (random one) would just turn off. Just to make sure, I turned off the timeout for controllers (even though i was moving the whole time). Today, I am still experiencing random trackers turning off (3 times so far within 3.5hrs). There isn’t a consistent timing to them or which ones. Each have done it at least once.

Updated after another 5 hours or so. Had a few more power offs, but it happened a few times on my waist tracker so I was able to notice the tracking stopping in VRChat more easily than feet. When I was able to notice, the tracker was losing connection (went to blue LED, and then after some time it turns off when it isn’t connected). I believ this is what is happening, and not just a pure poweroff, but they will just lose connection and then power off. This only happens one at a time, it’s never multiple at once.

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Hey, sorry that this is happening, can send an email to

We’re trying to push out a firmware update this week that could help. I can send you the firmware with instructions to install manually. Then we’ll take things from there.

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Thanks Luke, I have sent the email.

I’m also getting this issue. It happens to one tracker more often than the others and the symptoms are the same. I’m not sure if extended occlusion or being idle does it, but the tracker will turn blue and then shut off after being unable to reconnect to the dongle. Occlusion seems to be the most consistent method to trigger this. I’m currently using 3 tundra trackers on the SW7 dongle.