Tundra Labs admitting problem with SW7s dongles

Now that Tundra Labs is admitting to heat and interference problems with SW7 dongle here Tundra Tracker March 2022 General Release – Tundra Labs are us early backers who’ve been waiting months on support tickets with unusable trackers due to these admitted dongle issues going to be compensated in time BEFORE they go and start selling more before fixing ours? Possibly giving the option for getting SW3 and SW4 in place of a SW7 RMA since it shown to have problems? Would like to hear some public statements on this or I’d really advise any new customers from supporting this company further.

Issue I’ve been having on 2 SW7 dongles me and a friend have had is here: Trackers very glitchy - SW5 dongle problem? - #4 by Roughy