Tundra Tracker flashing red after using the updater tool

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I ran my trackers through this updater tool and the first two went fine (both updating the bootloader and the radio), but the third one started flashing red at the end.

  • Holding the button or plugging it into power causes it to start flashing red.
  • I can turn it off just fine.
  • It doesn’t connect to the dongle, making it unusable.

I did the same process for all of them (not having anything else VR-related connected and only the actual tundra itself).

I have pretty much the same issue with my 2 out of 7 trackers. I also found out that if the trackers are warmed up, they start normally.
So, you can try to plug the tracker to charger and leave it flashing red for a while (10 minutes should do). Then disconnect the tracker and restart it with the button.
If this will work then you have same issue that I am trying to solve for last month.

Update: the tracker is still not working

I have tried to follow all of the different sets of instructions in this post, but none of them seem to have worked.

Some more info:

  • During the update for the tracker (the one that bricked it), it updated the bootloader and the radio, however, the tool said the radio kept being outdated despite just going through the update process. This went on 3 - 4 times and I can confirm that during these the light was already blinking red.
  • Reopening the updater tool with the affected tracker says the phrase “Wrong device connected?”, meaning I can’t reflash the firmware.

The only logical situation I can come up with is my USB accidentally disconnecting by itself while installing the update (I didn’t have headphones at the time, so I can’t confirm if it played a device disconnect sound during it).

Sent you a DM, pretty sure I can help you.

Also, as note for everyone, using that tool without being told to do so is not advised.

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Issues are resolved and all trackers are working correctly.

All issues have been solved, trackers working correctly. An accidental disconnect during the initial update likely caused the issue, manual flashing of all the necessary firmware solved the issue.

Keigun was very nice and kind and helped me solve the issue relatively quickly!

Do not use the updater tool unless you have a specific problem with the trackers.