Tundra Tracker only works via USB

Tracker works fine when connected with USB. Took the upgrade, can pair, can track, etc. But it won’t turn on (brief red light flashes) while away from wall, and while plugged into wall it stays red and won’t pair. The button cycles are strange too…

I’ve taken video, these are the best timings I can approximate:

When powered by wall power:

  • Initially no light.
  1. Hold 4s to power on, red light.
  2. Hold 0.5s to power off
  3. Repeats.

When powered by PC:

  1. Immediate green light, PC sees it, can pair & has tracking.
  2. Hold 1.5s to power off.
  3. Hold 4s to power on (red light).
  4. Hold 0.5s to change to green light.
  5. Hold 2s to switch off.
  6. Repeat at 3

I have other Tundra Trackers, this is the only one that behaves this way.

I’m also a game developer, and happy to gather more technical diagnostics if it would help.

Soooo, how do I go about getting a replacement? :slight_smile:

You have to message the Shop where you got yours from i guess, for europe you have to send it back to unbound in netherlands

Hmm. I was on the kickstarter… where do I find the ‘shop’ contact info?

service@unboundvr.eu good luck

Hi Hi Scarlett,

Have you heard back from Unbound?
If not, Please send an email to support@tundra-labs.com
we will issue RMA numbers there from now on. Please state in the email that you’re on the kickstarter and based in Europe! Thanks!

If my (April 11 RMA) with Unbound still says waiting for stock should I expect that to conclude or should I contact tundra labs to get my replacement trackers? Unbound have my original, defective trackers. They are not replying to my e-mails this month (so far).

If your April 11 RMA says waiting for stock, please contact support@tundra-labs.com with a forwareded copy of the unbound email and then we can take action on it.