UnboundVR charging "customs formalities" instead of VAT?

tl;dr: UnboundVR charged a 21% “customs formalities” fee but did not collect VAT when shipping to Norway, resulting in an additional €112 in VAT and processing fees.

I just received my 3x Bundle with SW5, which was priced at $318 ( ~€270 ) during the Kickstarter.

The price of the bundle is listed by UnboundVR as €270, and increases by €57 ( 21% ) to €327 when the shipping destination ( Norway ) is selected, plus €23 in shipping.

In Kickstarter update #6 it said that 25% VAT would be added during checkout when shipping to Norway, so I assumed this was the €57 fee.
However, after inquiring with UnboundVR this €57 charge is apparently not Norwegian VAT but “customs formalities”.

Upon the order arriving in Norway I had to pay the full Norwegian VAT of 25% on the entire sum paid to UnboundVR, in addition to a €30 customs processing fee because VAT was not collected by the seller, for a total of €112 in extra fees. This is in addition to the “customs formalities” already charged by UnboundVR for… what exactly?

Prepaying VAT during checkout has been the standard in both the EU (IOSS) and Norway (VOEC) for some time now, and would incur no extra fees when importing to Norway, so it comes as a bit of a kick to the teeth to ultimately pay over 50% of the cost of the order because of what appears to be double-dipping on the VAT.

3x Bundle SW5            €270 ( Kickstarter pledge )
"Customs formalities"    €57  ( Price increase to €327 )
Shipping                 €23
UnboundVR total          €350
Norwegian VAT 25%        €82
VAT processing fee       €30  ( Brokerage fee )
Import fees total        €112
Grand total              €462

I have seen no mention of any kind of extra fees, and Tundra Update #6 did suggest that VAT would be collected by UnboundVR for orders shipping to Norway.

Would it be possible to have some clarification on what the extra “customs formalities” charged by UnboundVR are, and why VAT is not collected as suggested by Kickstarter Update #6?



Can you please contact them at service@unboundvr.eu for an explanation. Norway was one of the exception countries where things got confusing because of not being a EU member state. It is worth asking to make sure that there wasn’t a mistake on their side.

Apparently my ticket was accidentally closed after sending a follow-up email.
After inquiring again a month later they had a closer look at the problem and replied with the following:

Thanks for your patience.

We are still clueless about how our administrative systems came up with the totals on your specific order. However, the totals on your order should have been as follows:

Price for the hardware excluding tax: €270
Price for the shipping excluding tax: €23
Discount (Kickstarter pledge): €270
Total to be paid to Unbound: €23 (no tax or import fees charged)

Unbound has not been processing the import and tax fees for Norway and Switzerland, this would have been too cumbersome, so these orders have been sent DDU (import fees and taxes to be paid by receiver)
I am sorry that we communicated to you that the shipments to Norway were including tax and customs fees. At the time of communicating this, we wanted to streamline all orders via the same process, but when processing the orders and logistics to both countries above we realized that this approach was not doable.

You will receive the following credit from Unbound as an additional and wrong 21% extra fee was charged to your order.

Credit amount: €57,06

tl;dr VAT is not collected for Norway and Switzerland, and my order should not have had 21% VAT applied at checkout. 21% VAT was refunded.

Ultimately I’m still stuck footing an extra €15 in brokerage fees ( doubles from €15 above €310), and another €14 in difference in VAT ( 25% of €350 instead of the correct €293 ), but this is good enough I guess.